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You will be provided with our best information possible throughout your matter on how your case is being funded, all payments that need to be made (if relevant), current costs incurred and the likely overall costs in your matter. You will be kept updated in relation to costs in your matter. We charge a fixed/ agreed fee for the following immigration applications. You can apply for Legal Aid if you are on low income. We will assess your means/ income and advise you as to whether you qualify for Legal Aid funds to cover your application costs. All our prices are subject to discounts and concession where applicable based on individual circumstances and application as groups or family members.

Applications for naturalisation or registration under the British Nationality Act 1981. Average cost is from £500 per applicant. For any dependant included there will be £250. This type of application takes 5-10 hours on average to complete. For any other British Nationality applications for eligible minors, the costs start from £300 plus VAT.

Applications on behalf of EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) Any application made under this route, including nationals and their family members under the applicable EUSS Regulations or Immigration Rules, including applications for settled and pre-settled status. On average costs
are £500 -£1500 per applicant. On average this type of application takes 5-15 hours to complete.

Visit visas (for tourism, or visiting friends / family). Average costs £500-£1500 per applicant. On average this type of application takes 10-15 hours to complete.

Spouse and partners applications, including fiancé(e)s or proposed civil partners. Average costs £1000-£1500. On average this type of application takes 15 hours to complete.

Applications for work, business or study under the Points-based system. Average costs £2500-£4500. On average this type of application takes 15hours to complete.

Dependent relative and family reunion applications. From£ 800 to £1500, each adult dependant relative from £1500 to £2500. On average this type of application, per applicant takes 15 hours to complete.

Ancestry visas. Average costs from £1000. On average this type of application takes 20 hours to complete.
Other categories, such as applications on the basis of long residence could be considered and where appropriate signposted/referred

Our Staff Hourly Rate

The hourly rates we charge depend on the seniority and experience of your chosen lawyer/ caseworker.

– Solicitors: £250-£300
– Caseworkers: £100-£150

Costs Explained- An Example

Our prices quoted are based on average costs. These costs do not include the applicable VAT and any disbursements incurred in the process of the case.

Example of a price, added VAT and some disbursements:

Quoted Price: £1500
Added VAT (20% x £1500) £ 300
Subtotal: £1800

Disbursements: (We pay these costs on your behalf)

Home Office Costs £ 800
Translation Costs £ 600
Subtotal: £1400

Total Payable: £3200
(Our costs plus vat £1800 + third parties costs £1400)

Costs Are Variable

The quoted prices will vary and could get higher based on the complexity and circumstances of your application such as:

  • Whether it is a first-time application or extension, Number of dependents (e.g., 1 or 5 children)
  • The language you speak (Translators’ costs. Most of the staff are fluent in Dari/Fasi and Pashto)
  • The language of your supporting documents (Translations costs. The documents need to be translated and certified
  • The number of your supporting documents and/or witnesses (means  more legal work and added costs) 
  • Attending Home Office interviews
  • Whether your application is a fast tracked or premium application.

Costs That Have Not Been Included In Our Quoted Prices

Disbursements Example

Interpreter: Most of our immigration team are fluent in Dari/ Farsi and Pashto languages, so we do not need any interpreters to communicate with you. However, you are more than welcome to bring your family, friends or community workers with you to help. Interpreters’ charges vary, but typically charge £25 – £150 per hour. These prices generally are including for travel time and VAT when applicable.

Translators: Your supporting documents must be translated from the original language to English. All documents submitted to the Home Office must be translated by a certified translator. Translators’ fees vary but are typically between £90 to £109 per 1000 words + VAT depending on language and the complexity of the text.

Medical Examination/ Test: For example Tuberculosis or DNA tests.

Country Experts: Experts are people who specialise in social norms, culture, history and politics of a country. These people opinion in support of your case may be beneficial in your application. Experts’ fees vary
greatly, depending on the subject matter, but typically range from £750 to £5,000 + VAT if applicable.

Home Office Fees: Home Office fees are paid by you directly to the Home Office on completion of your application. Applications cannot besubmitted to the Home Office without full fees payment. For example,
when we have completed your application, the Home Office asks for fees to be paid in full and then accepts the submission. In some cases,depending on your financial circumstances i.e., how much money you earn or have, you might qualify for a Home Office fee waiver.

Further information of Home Office Fees:

Guide on Home Office fee waiver:


The Value Added Tax (VAT) is currently an additional 20% cost on top of the quoted fees. The firm has to transfer this tax to the UK government. For example if our quoted fee is £1000, we calculate 20% of £1000 as
£200, and the fees + VAT would be £1200 (£1000+200). In some cases you will not be charged a VAT, for example when you apply from abroad.

Asylum and Public Law Price Quotes

The prices quoted in the table below could vary depending on the nature and complexity of your case. Addtional costs will be added on the quoted price when third parties are instructed. Thhird parties could include translations, expert medical report, expert country reports, verification of documents and etc.

Services With Fee

  • Consultation(1 hour)     £150
  • Entry clearance application - spouse     £800
  • Entry clearance appeals     from £1,500
  • Bail     from £500
  • Indefinite leave to remain application     from £600
  • Travel document application     from £180
  • Naturalisation/registration application     from £300
  • Appeal to the First Tier Tribunal (no counsel)     from £1,400
  • Appeal to the First Tier Tribunal (with counsel)     £1000 + counsel's fee
  • Appeal to the Upper Tribunal (no counsel)     from £700
  • Appeal to the Upper Tribunal (with counsel)     from £500 + counsel's fee
  • Letter before action / pre action protocol     from £250
  • Judicial review     from £2,500
  • Court of Appeal     from £2,500